2022 – Six Variations on Shalom Aleichem.

(#baroque violin)

Performed by Giorgos Samoilis. Published by Donemus.

2022 – Relocations: polyphony and identity, collaboration with Yael Levy.

(#audiovisual work, #site-specific, #baroque instruments, #photorgraphy, #electronics)


Performed by Giorgos Samoilis, Katerina Orfanoudaki, and Cantilena choir directed by Giorgos Kaloutsis at Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Chania.


2021 – Relocations: echoes, bricks, and sand, collaboration with Yael Levy.

(#audiovisual work, #composer-performer, #photorgraphy, #electronics)

Yael & Nikos

Performed by Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis at Post Paradise series #25 curated by Maya Verlaak (12 November 2021).


2019 – 2021 – Light Trace, video recording at Orgelpark with Catchpenny Ensemble.

(#extended ensemble audiovisual work, #live electronics, #live video/lights processing, #organ)

Performed by Catchpenny Ensemble at Orgelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands (16 September and 10 April 2021), at Dag in de Branding #55 (7 March 2020), Den Haag, Netherlands, and at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019, Utrecht (8 September 2019).


2020 – “..προκληση στο βάρος τ’ουρανού..”.


Performed by Eleni Papaspyrou – presented at the Greek National Radio ERT (3ο πρόγραμμα) at Dionysus Mallouhos’ broadcast (27 May 2021).


2019 – Klein Woestijn, collaboration with Mariska de Groot.

(#extended ensemble audiovisual work, #live electronics, #performance art)

klein woestijn

Performed at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands (4 September 2019). 


2018 – Fields of Dissonance, collective composition with Yael Levy, video art by Thom Vink.

(#audiovisual work, #composer-performer, #found objects, #electronics)

(excerpt- Turku Mountains)

Performed at Manifesta 2018 Collateral Events at Viccolo de Palone, Palermo (8 July 2018) and at Gaudeamus sessies #21, Utrecht, Netherlands (9 February 2019).


2018 – Bagatelles, Selected to be performed for the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Carillon Society.


(Bagetelle II)

Performed by Gijsbert Kok at Doesburg Carillon, Doesburg, Netherlands (4 November 2018).


2018 – Empty Spaces, collective composition with Yael Levy.

(#audiovisual work, #composer-performer, #found objects, #electronics)

Performed at INTERFACES EUC Residencies at Municipal Multipurpose Center, Nicosia (26 July 2018) and at Cluster #9 concert series at Labor Neunzehn, Berlin (11 November 2018).


2018 – Georges Méliès: The Wizard of Cinema Art, collective composition with Catchpenny Ensemble.

(#extended ensemble audiovisual work, #performance art, #shadow theatre, #electronics, #live video processing, #collective composition)



Performed by Catchpenny Ensemble at SoS IV at De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag (9 March 2018).


2017 –  Mindspace, collective composition with Catchpenny Ensemble.

(#extended ensemble audiovisual work, #electronics, #live video processing, #collective composition)


Performed by Catchpenny Ensemble at Hoogtij #51 at Het Nutshuis, Den Haag (1 December 2017).


2017 – Table 24, collective composition with Yael Levy.

(#found objects, #composer-performer, #improvisation, #collective composition, #electronics, #film music)

Performed at Table 24 at Polytechno, Corfu (1 November 2017) and at Unplugged at Helicopter, Den Haag (16 September 2017).


2017 – Laat de klok luiden.

(#ensemble work)

Performed at NMF Kamermuziekfestival bij Natuurmonumenten at Bezoekerscentrum De Wieden by Iris van den Bos and Michelle Verheggen (8 October 2017).


2017 – 25 monophonic canons.

(#solo percussion composition, #situation)

Performed at Research Concert at Studio Loos, Den Haag by Antonio Pierna Garcia (27 May 2017).


2017 – Decomposing Raaymakerscollective composition with Catchpenny Ensemble and students from the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag.

(#ensemble audiovisual work, #electronics, #educational project, #live music processing, #collaborative composition)


Performed at the 50 years Spring Festival of the Royal Conservatory anniversary at Korzo Theater by Cathpenny Ensemble (4 April 2017).


2017 – Counting up to Eleven.

(#ensemble work)

Performed at Voorwaarts Maart/En Avant Mars Festival at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Gent (16 March 2017).


2017 – An Untitled Project Involving Bodies, Dirt, and Space by Margaret Laurena Kemp.

(#electronics, #processed sounds, #environmental sounds, #film music, #theatre)


Performed by Margaret Laurena Kemp at Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, California (24 February 2017).


2016 – Brancusi Composed, collective composition with Catchpenny Ensemble.

(#ensemble audiovisual work, #electronics, #live video processing, #collective composition)


Performed by Catchpenny Ensemble at Spotlight: Romania.2 at De Nieuwe Regentes (8 November 2016).


2016 – Deze lift gaat naar beneden.

(#electronics, #processed environmental sounds)


Presented at Today’s Art Festival within Audio Den Haag, Sonic manifestations by 250 creators from The Hague.



2016 – Out of Time Trichords.

(#solo organ composition, #situation, #psychoacoustics)


Series of masterclasses for Young Composers directed by Zsigmond Szathmáry. Selected works were performed at a festival recital on the Müller organ in St Bavo’s Kerk (28 July 2016).


2016 – Stream for Marimba, 1st prize at TROMP composition competition.

(#solo percussion composition, #situation, #psychoacoustics)


Performed at Stand up Sattelite at Helicopter (8 July 2017), at the TROMP composition competition at the Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhoven by Jonathan Bonny (24 November 2016), at Korzo (16 April 2019), and at Het Nutshuis by Natalia Alvarez-Arenas (11 June 2016).



2016 – Vice Verses, Pride.

(#ensemble work, #electronics, #theatre)


Performed at Holland Festival at the tunnel of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam by Catchpenny Ensemble (9 June 2016) – photo by Ada Nieuwendijk.


2016 – Carving the Stone.

(#ensemble work)


Performed at Het Nutshuis, Den Haag by New European Ensemble (18 January 2016).


2015 – Ariadne’s Thread.

(#extended ensemble work)


Performed at Space, Waves & Patterns at Orgelpark, Amsterdam by Ives Ensemble, Slagwerk Den Haag, and Matthias Havigna (19 September 2015).


2015 – Squarcle for Carillon, 2nd prize at Zwolle International Carillon Composition Contest.


Squarcle for Carillon

Performed at Grote Kerk, Den Haag by Gijsbert Kok (13 December 2017) and at International Carillon Composition Contest Zwolse Carillon, Zwolle by Gijsbert Kok (17 September 2015).


2015 – Parallel.

(#ensemble, #voice)


Performed at Royal Conservatory, Den Haag by Ensemble Royaal in the Spring Festival (April 2015).


2015 – Ritual in Transfigured Time – Maya Deren (1946).

(#solo percussion, #percussion recordings #processed sounds, #film music)

Performed by Natalia Alvarez-Arenas at Sounds of Silence at De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag (16 January 2015), at the Open Day 2015 of the Royal Conservatory (February 2015), Den Haag, and at Spring Festival 2015 at Korzo Theater (April 2015) and at Natalia’s final Master exam (June 2015). The electronic version has been presented in the alternative artistic platform HOMEGROWN in Den Haag (NL) (July 2015) and at Polytechno in Corfu (GR) (November 2017).


2014 – At Land – Maya Deren (1944).

(#processed sounds, #film music)

Presented at Sounds of Silence at De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag (16 January 2015) and at Gaudeamus muziekweek at Tivoli, Utrecht (12 September 2014).


2014 – θρήνος.

(# string trio)

Performed at the Royal Conservatory, Den Haag by Belemir Baran, Rosa Welker and  Begonia Chan (27 May 2016) and at Rhijnhof Cemetary, Leiden by Zvuv Trio (21 June 2014).


2011 – ο κήπος (= the garden).



Performed at York University by Chimera Ensemble (8 March 2013) and at Ionian Academy, Corfu (15 December 2011).