A collaboration with David J. McClurkin on the population and properties of the distinct twelve tone rows. We are developing tools for studying the properties of tone rows. Currently we have all distinct 9,985,920 tone rows in our database, lexicographically ordered and ready to search!

In this portal you can also find:

  1. Lists of composers that either actively used the 12 tone technique or were in some way affiliated with the Second Viennese School. Works founded on the 12 tone technique are also presented.
  2. A browser of 12 tone rows database where you can seek specific combinations or you can look for rows exhibiting certain symmetries, etc. We have also annotated the tone rows used in most well-known works by Schoenbeg, Berg, Webern and others.
  3. And a  collection of .pdf files encompassing all distinct tone rows. There are 1850 .pdf files, each containing 60 pages. Each page has 30 rows and 3 columns.