‘Squarcle’ is a slang merge of the words ‘square’ and ‘circle’. It suggests a geometrical shape that combines the properties of a square and those of a circle, but it can also be used as a metaphor of something or someone who carries contradicting qualities, as implied by the defined edges of a square and the infinite continuity of a circle.

With Squarcle for Carillon I converse with this contradiction through several musical parameters and procedures, in the micro and macro-structure of the piece, interwoven with each other and having the objective of a solid structured result.

Squarcle for Carillon was composed to be premiered by Gijsbert Kok on the Carillon of Oude Kerk Scheveningen during the Spring Festival 2015 organized by the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.

Squarcle was awarded with the second prize in the International Carillon Composition Contest, initiated by the Zwolse Beiaard Stichting, in cooperation with the Nederlandse Klokkenspel-Vereninging and the Stedeljk Museum Zwolle, with in the jury Leo Samama, Alex Manassen and Geert D’hollander/Boudewijn Zwart that took place in Zwolle on 17th September 2015.

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