As an introduction to the film I quote one of Maya Deren’s program notes:

“The direction of this film is towards the elimination of literary-dramatic lines and literal-symbolistic meanings, in order to discover, instead, a purely cinematic coherence and integrity. Through dislocations of space and time it creates a relativistic universe in which the individual alone is a continuous identity. If one may speak of a theme, it is the effort of the individual to relate oneself, as an identity, to a fluid, apparently incoherent universe”. [1]

[1] Deren, Maya. Essential Deren, Collected Writings on Film by Maya Deren, edited with a peface by Bruce R. McPherson, 1st ed., New York: McPherson&Company, 2005.

maya deren table The electronics of  At Land (2013) are consisted of piano samples in several manipulations.

The film, which can be found here, was presented in the Spring Festival of 2014 organized by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, in Gaudeamus Musiekweek on September 2014 and in De Nieuwe Regentes during the Silent Film Festival of 2015.

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